Support for developing research proposals (THE V&L NET PUMP-PRIMING SCHEME):

V&L Net aims to pump-prime research collaboration by supporting research collaboration meetings between small groups of network members that have the specific aim of developing and writing a joint proposal involving researchers at different institutions (including industrial partners).

In order to have a transparent and accountable mechanism for funding such meetings, we will post 6-monthly calls for research ideas, from which the steering committee will select the best 2 which will receive financial support (covering travel expenses) for meetings aimed at developing the project idea and preparing bids for funding.

For each successful proposal idea, we are able to support up to six individuals travelling (our assumption is that on average we will support 3 meetings each with two people travelling per proposal).

We will also offer other support during the preparation of bids, e.g. feedback from other network members, letters of support etc.

Previous winners of pump-priming calls:

  • Crook et al. (Oxford Brookes, Oxford and Gothenburg): Development of project proposal on Vision and language processing in intelligent transport systems.
  • Marshall et al. (Cardiff and Korea): Preparing a large (4TB) 2D and 3D corpus of audio-visual inter-person conversations for release.
  • Specia et al. (Sheffield and Surrey): Using Images as Context for Statistical Machine Translation.

Other funding:

V&L Net will reimburse the cost of attending the annual V&L Net meetings for full members who are making a contribution to the event (by giving a presentation, presenting a poster or demo, or participating in a panel session). We can support up to 30 members in this way each year.


the proposed principal and co-investigators must be full V&L Net members; we will cover the cost of UK travel only, including the UK part of international travel.