V&L Net Workshop on Vision and Language

Endorsed by EACL (the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics) and BMVA (the British Machine Vision Association)
Date: Thursday, 15 September 2011
Venue: Huxley Building, University of Brighton

The EPSRC Network on Vision and Language (V&L Net)

The EPSRC Network on Vision and Language (V&L Net) is a forum for researchers from the fields of Computer Vision and Language Processing to meet, exchange ideas, expertise and technology, and form new partnerships. Our aim is to create a lasting interdisciplinary research community situated at the language-vision interface, jointly working towards solutions for some of today's toughest computational challenges, including image and video search, description of visual content and text-to-image generation.

Workshop Aims

The Vision and Language Workshop is chiefly intended to be a networking and community building event for the computer vision and language processing communities. It will give us an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. This process will be supported by an informal approach characterised by diverse networking activities and a large number of brief oral presentations combined with poster presentations.
The Vision and Language Workshop is free for full V&L Net members. V&L Net will furthermore cover the cost of one night's accommodation in Brighton and economy-class travel within the UK for full V&L Net members presenting an accepted poster. Full details can be found on the workshop page on the V&L Net website (for contact details see below).


Anja Belz, University of Brighton
Darren Cosker, University of Bath
Frank Keller, University of Edinburgh
Dimitrios Makris, Kingston University